Online LSAT Prep Resources

Online LSAT Prep Resources

Due to the importance of the LSAT, there is a myriad of online resources for LSAT preparation. These resources generally fall into the realms of explanations, communities, or tools.

Online LSAT Prep Resources – LSAT Explanations

In addition to, there are many resources for explanations. Some of the most commonly cited and used resources include

To make things easier, I made a significant effort to include links to each of the above sites on every 180pedia page that has a corresponding page elsewhere and when permitting. Due to this effort, students can contribute and rely on’s explanations as well as go elsewhere when 180pedia does not yet have an explanation or the student is not quite clear after reading the explanation.

Online LSAT Prep Resources – Communities

There are a couple of fairly active LSAT communities where you can reach out to other LSAT students and law school applicants.

  • Top Law Schools forums has active forums specific to LSAT preparation, law school admissions, and more.
  • /r/LSAT is not as active as Top Law Schools forums, but it is a useful community nonetheless.
  • /r/LawSchoolAdmissions is the go to subreddit for Law School admissions advice and information.

Online LSAT Prep Resources – Tools

Many sites have great resources beyond their explanations to help you study. This section of the page is dedicated to those tools as well as ones I built while studying. If you have any favorite tools I missed, please e-mail

180pedia’s LSAT Prep Resources – Tools

I made 180pedia’s LR Question Display & Packet Creator.xlsm while studying, and, while helpful, I think that it can be more of a time sink than something purely beneficial due to the significant time required to set it up. The 180pedia LR Question Display & Packet Creator can be downloaded using this link.

More information on how to use the spreadsheet application...

Manhattan Prep Free Online LSAT Prep Resources – Tools

Manhattan Prep have several tools that are free for anyone that registers to their website in addition to their explanations on their forums. These resources include a strategy log for marking questions you either struggled with or got wrong, cheat sheets for the distinct categories of logical reasoning questions and game types, and a multitude of categorized flashcards for reading comprehension, logical reasoning, and logic games alike. There is a sample of a card from each set categorized by question type below, and you can find the rest by registering at the Manhattan Prep LSAT Student Center.

While these cards do not use actual LSAT questions, Manhattan Prep has done a great job on developing quick questions that serve as drills to hone in on the underlying issues prevalent in all sections of the LSAT without wasting valuable actual LSAT content.

Manhattan Prep’s cheat sheets for logical reasoning and logic games offer a good way to quiz yourself as to whether you understand certain key characteristics of various logic game types and logical reasoning question varieties. You can use their empty cheat sheets to quiz yourself or study from their completed cheat sheets.

Sample LSAT Cheat Sheets from Manhattan Prep...

Manhattan Prep’s logical reasoning flashcards allow you to quiz yourself on specific topics that are important in the logical reasoning section of the test. These flashcards touch on important concepts including understanding argument roles, noticing structural indicators, interpreting quantifiers, translating English to logic diagrams, identifying stems by question type, abstracting flaws, determining flaws by type, negating statements, and distinguishing valid and invalid inferences.

Sample LSAT Logical Reasoning Flashcards from Manhattan Prep...

Manhattan Prep’s logic game flashcards allow you to quiz yourself on critical issues that arise in logic games. Their flashcards are focused on determining game type by rules, understanding how to identify and approach different game and question types, and answering could be true questions.

Sample LSAT Logic Game Flashcards from Manhattan Prep...

Manhattan Prep’s reading comprehension flashcards focus on two topics. The first topic is learning how to eliminate fluff and developing quick summaries. The second subject deals with inference questions, known as most strongly supported, which tend to be the harder and more frequently missed questions on the LSAT.

Sample LSAT Reading Comprehension Flashcards from Manhattan Prep...