Terms of Use

180pedia’s actual terms of use will be here shortly.

In the meantime, only submit your own work! In addition, do not submit any malicious content nor try to destroy content.

If submitting at this time, I presume you are someone I know from reddit, TLS, etc.

When you submit your work, you retain ownership over your work for use elsewhere, but you authorize 180pedia to profit from your work on editable pages submitted to 180pedia through means such as, but not limited to, ad revenues and book sales. Furthermore, you consent that any portion of your submission to editable may be changed for any reason at all. 180pedia’s core directory of LSAT explanations will never be placed behind a paywall, so you can rest assured that your explanations will be there to help all future LSAT students. Premium services, such as .pdf or physical copies of explanations, may or may not be sold at some point in the future.